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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I missed class Monday night

To my students, I'm sorry I missed class on Monday.  My nephew was married in Florida over the weekend and the flight we booked conflicted with the class.  By the time I realized the mistake Friday night, it was hundreds of dollars to change it.  I will let you know when the make-up day will be. Thanks.

In the meantime, here is a painting of my back deck, 12"x16".  My studio has a rectangular main space with a triangular space attached to it.  That triangle space comes into the picture from the left. It then flattens out (where the wall sculpture is) and ends with a natural stone wall.  The design is 1970s passive solar. The dark rectangle on left side is a sliding glass door which lets sun light in all day to heat up the concrete floor.  At night the floor releases the heat back into the room.  Of course the first thing I did when I moved in was to completely block it off.  My neighbors must have thought I was cutting up bodies.


  1. Cutting up bodys!? Is that a hand sticking out of
    the ground?
    I enjoy clowning around Richard, seriously I think the mood and colors are realistic in this.
    Was this plien air?

  2. Hey Bill, Yes this is plien air, about 2.5 hours. And I would never be so sloppy as to leave a hand laying around.