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Monday, November 15, 2010

Star Wars Visions

The 'Star Wars Visions' Book is out!  It has a bunch of great paintings in it,  and I feel lucky to have been part of it.   It's on my coffee table. I will enjoy looking at all the work, and say to friends... I know him, her, and him...  All this talent...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Class Demos

Just photographed these head studies.  Some of my students have been waiting for me to post recent class demos. The first two are from session one.  The last is not a demo, its of my son Lucas who gave me some time in exchange for a new (toy) 'Beyblade' $7.95.   Totally worth it, till he gets wise.  For now, I'm working the scam.  
  For those who don't take my class, these demos aren't finished paintings, they are an example of process.  I spend a lot of time talking and answering questions, and get very little time to concentrate on painting.  I post them in the spirit that they are learning tools. They are usually Life size and painted alla prima. But the second image (which is particularly rough) was a demo of  repainting right on top of dry paint in a direct way.