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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some new sketches

Here are some more of the Italy paintings.  There are still more from the Marsiliana trip which I will post when I photograph them. The bottom Three are not from the trip.

Corsini Chapel at Marsiliana

Room behind Chapel

Fishing Boats at Porto Ercole

View of farm land from the wall at the main house. In the distance is Mount Argentario.

Wall on the west side of the complex

Wash drying in the nearby Hamlet
In the courtyard

Under dense Wisteria

Passageway in Porto Ercole

Also in the courtyard

Acadia Park, Maine

Head study

Acadia Park, Maine


  1. I enjoy the choices, and use of color in these.
    The brush strokes are your representative in each scene.

  2. Good to meet you at school last night. Really love your work!

  3. Thanks,

    It was nice to meet you too, Stefanie. You know, Phoebe calls David, 'Phillip'. Strange? So I got a bit confused when we first met.

    Bill, thanks. For me it's important to show my hand in the work. It is about choices, about expressing what is there,yes,but also much more!