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Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Class of 2011

We had a great model in class last week.  She is worth a better effort then I was able to summon, but here it is anyway.   The Castilione del Bosco landscapes are next on my mind. I will post them as soon as I glue them on supports.


  1. beautiful portrait, congratulations.

  2. Rick, Is that a burnt sienna ground? I am in the process of trying to figure out the perfect ground for portrait oil sketches. When I bring a cool ground to class, the lighting/skintones are warm. When I bring the warm ground it's the opposite. Is there a universal ground? Need to know. TIA, Candace.

  3. Thanks Jesus!

    Candace, I took this photo outside so it has a green cast. And the purple-pinks in her complexion are lost. But you are right, I toned with burnt siena and some ivory black to cool it. I can't speak to a universal ground but perhaps neutral on a warm/cool scale will help. Maybe a bit on the warm side of neutral, just to get a little vibration. -Rick