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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keeping In Practice This Summer

White and off white sheet

White sheet, a bit more time spent.

White sheet, getting a bit more context.
Several weeks ago my students asked what they could do to stay in practice this summer.  My first answer was do 100 heads.  Later, I realized there isn't even a hundred days before we start again.  So, here is an example of something I do when I don't have time to work on something more ambitious, or just to have fun.  I throw a white sheet on a chair, and I paint it.  I try not to get to involved in the nuance or make the painting special.  I just try to quickly capture the colors, values, and shapes that I see.  Above are 3 examples so you can see how gruff the handling is.  It isn't important to articulate the folds perfectly, just make precise notes of color that are the right shape.  Capturing the shapes is very important, make shapes with your brush strokes.  And then do some articulation on top of those.  These should be done quickly- 1 hour 2 at the most.  Don't think finished painting, think, are the colors honest, are the values relative, are the shapes strong.  So go paint!  And have a fun summer.


  1. good exercises Richard, I may do that myself this summer, the truth is that I never try anything like that, I hope my wife doesnt mine, i will do it with the old sheets. Good work .Cheers.

  2. The folds on this sheet is so beautifully painted. Wonderful job!! Love your work.

  3. Thanks Guys, It's a fun exercise. A very wise move Jesus, It's important to have harmony in and outside the studio.